The science about nature serves to the serenity of spirit. - Epicurus

Here at Nature'sEdge, we are committed to making the world a healthier, happier place one vitamin bottle at a time. That's why we launched our initial product line to target three of the biggest health culprits affecting our society today: inflammation, heart problems and diabetes. In addition, we take our business seriously and with a keen eye on research, corporate responsibility and community service, we will pledge to donate 10 cents of each bottle sold to the affiliated disease associations.


All of our products have been safety and quality tested and begin with the highest quality of raw material, always nonGMO when possible. We do not sell anything that we would not take ourselves. In fact, Jody (30+) takes CurcuGel to assist her with inflammation due to a very active, athletic lifestyle - she is a marathon runner! And Tina (50+) manages her high cholesterol levels, in particular her HDL, LDL and Triglyceride levels without the use of prescription statins, from which she had suffered terrible side effects. She just loves our Phytosterol Plus formula combined with our highly purified fish oil (wild caught) - Omega Gel. And our QGel - the clinically tested and highly bio-available form of CoQ10 - is a healthy addition to both of our lives.

A note from Tina: Jody and I met over 7 years ago on a volunteer trip in India (at the foothills of the Himalayas). I was impressed with this 20 something millennial - she was smart, witty and driven. She made an impression and when I had an opportunity shortly after that trip to go back in the health and vitamin business (I have my roots here - straight out of college in the early 80s), I thought of Jody and she was on board in a flash! Fast forward to Now... we are so excited and full of passion about the launching of Nature's Edge. It is here, on the leading edge of nature and science that Jody and I have perched to bring you the best natural and science based formulas possible to assist our bodies with the hardships of living in today's world.  Join us as we strive to feel good and live great!