NEWS FLASH: Studies Show That We Can Grow NEW Brain Cells Later in Life!

It was previously believed that the brain cells you had in your 20s were all you were allotted. New research shows the exact opposite! Adults with healthy brains are capable of growing new brain cells much later in life through a process called neurogenesis. These new neurons grow in the hippocampus and contribute to improved mood and better memory formation. They also help stop the decline in memory function and mood that traditionally come with aging. FASCINATING! Basically, this process helps you stay youthful into your later years!

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So how do we make sure we are well-positioned to generate these new cells into our later years?

Neuroscientist Sandrine Thuret gave the following tips in a recent TED talk[1]:

·      Stimulate your brain! Exposing your brain to new and novel ideas, travel, continued learning, mnemonic devices, reading, etc. all help to stimulate the hippocampus and generate new neurons.

·      Decrease stress! Stress hinders the neurogenesis process, so any ways you can find to decrease or handle better the stress in your life will assist in your efforts to generate new brain cells.

·      Prioritize sleep! This is prime time for the body to take care of itself. This includes the brain. Getting proper sleep (a recommended 7-9 hours per night) is so important to keeping the body AND the mind energized, healthy and happy…do not skimp on sleep.

·      Get busy in bed! And when you aren’t sleeping…Sex can stimulate neuron growth by increasing blood flow to the brain. Yippee! Sex also releases happy chemicals (endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin) and can be great for aiding sleep and decreasing stress.

·      Exercise! Moderate to vigorous exercise gets your blood flowing and releases happy chemicals (endorphins, serotonin, dopamine). People who exercise are proven to be sharper, happier and more energetic.

·      Make healthy food choices! Keep calories down, eat flavonoids (berries, dark chocolate), consume omega 3 fatty acids (fatty fish, nuts, seeds, etc) decrease alcohol consumption (best choice is red wine because of resveratrol makes this “neurogenesis neutral” choice) and avoid foods with trans-fat. Also, according to Japanese research, a soft diet impairs neurogenesis. It is better to choose foods that require chewing or crunching to increase neurogenesis.

·      Choose supplements carefully! Many supplements on the market today are promoted specifically for their brain health benefits. Of course a great multi-vitamin will benefit your whole body. But also, Nature’s Edge® offers several different supplements that have huge brain benefits:

o   Omega-gel – Highly purified, wild caught omega fish oil with a high DHA content, which is great support for the brain.

o   Curcugel – This turmeric supplement is specially formulated for maximum absorption. Studies suggest that turmeric can support the connections between brain cells and supports the production of a protein in the brain responsible for cell survival, maturation and maintenance.

o   QGel® - CoenzymeQ10 supports the cellular energy production process in both the heart and the brain. QGel® is a highly bioavailable form of coenzymeQ10, proven to have a 3x the absorption rate in the body of other coenzymeQ10 supplements.


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