The Incredible Human Body!


The human body is amazing. The sheer number of actions and reactions that occur in our body is mind-blowing! Just think about it for a minute: we don't have to contemplate breathing or blinking our eyes. Our body knows how to extract nutrients from food and discard what it can't use. Our body even knows how to protect and repair itself!


Much of this repair and rejuvenation occurs at night, when we sleep. On occasion, though, we get a front row seat to the body's repair processes. For example, if you injure your knee, and it swells or you get a stuffy nose and sore throat in response to an illness, these are examples of the body's natural repair system. They are examples of inflammation!


Is Inflammation Good or Bad?

Everything in moderation, right? Inflammation plays a key role in maintaining a healthy body. You have probably experienced acute inflammation in the form of swelling after spraining a joint or breaking a bone. Sometimes this is accompanied by redness or itchiness, and what the body is doing is optimizing the use of the vessels closest to the injury in order to send a surge of cytokines and white blood cells to the area to respond to the injury. The white blood cells are our fighters, sent by the immune system to ward of foreign invaders. They are our protectors, but when they surge to the site, swelling (inflammation) occurs. There is a similar effect with illness or allergens and a stuffy nose. 

In fact, inflammation is the process through which our bodies grow stronger! We all know that spending time on strength training makes you stronger. But how? Strength training makes tiny tears in the muscle, and when the muscle inflames and repairs itself, it gets a little bit stronger. Through training, you are literally breaking down your body for the purpose of strengthening. The concept is counter intuitive, but this is why rest is so important! It is quite the delicate balance, though, because if you push too hard, the muscle can strain or tear. In this extreme case, the body requires a massive amount of inflammation to repair the injured area and too much inflammation is not so good. 

Too much inflammation in the area can actually harm the healthy muscle tissue, even while repairing the injured or unhealthy tissue. The balance is the space between having enough inflammation to make the repair but not so much that healthy tissue is being damaged. 

                                                                    A stuffy nose is a sign of inflammation...the good kind!

Similarly, when we get sick, the body sends white blood cells to fight the invaders. The annoying runny nose and mucus-filled throat is actually a good sign. With a healthy body, this means the right processes are occurring to fight the invaders. This process does not last terribly long. However, since inflammation is the general defense against stress (anxiety, pollution, chemically engineered food, etc), our society is walking around chronically inflamed. When the body produces inflammation that is not needed, the excess can actually harm the body.

Through pollution, stressful lifestyles and contaminants in our food, we are psyching the body out. Our bodies have been tricked into thinking there is a constant threat, and in response, we get inflammation. So how do we work with our bodies to lessen the effects of this natural response but not hinder the body's ability to respond to real threats?



First of all, we must listen to our bodies! Body and soul have to work together - we cannot separate from our bodies, though so many people try. When you feel tired or sluggish or sick, listen to what you need. Take a break. Meditate. Drink a glass of water or eat something nutritious. Are you not getting the nutrients that you need to function well and live joyfully? Are you laughing? That helps bust stress! Anything that helps with stress will also help keep your inflammation levels in check. 

Many people have a preferred anti-inflammatory medication that they turn to when the body doesn't feel so good. But many of these are not natural options, and could be harming the body in other ways that aren't quite so visible. Our bodies are organic. They are natural and work best with natural solutions. Why not look for more natural solutions to help manage inflammation that is the result of constant stress?

Natural Solutions for Inflammation

At Nature's Edge®, our sole purpose is finding the most natural solutions to every day health issues. Since inflammation is such a HUGE health concern in today's stressed-out society, we have put extra emphasis on finding ingredients in nature that can work with the body to keep its natural defense mechanisms in check. We have four specially formulated supplements that were engineered with YOU in mind!

1.) QUELL-GEL™ is our newest addition to our anti-inflammatory supplements! This proprietary formula uses a synergistic blend of natural ingredients with known anti-inflammatory properties to work with your body's natural processes to ward off unwanted inflammation. It is the most powerful natural anti-inflammation supplement today!

2.) omega-gel® is one of our favorites! Omega-3 fatty acids have long been researched to benefit both the heart and brain, AND our formula has 400 mg EPA and 200 mg DHA, the perfect ratio for maximum benefit!

3.) curcu-gel® uses that famous orange-colored Indian spice, turmeric, in order to reduce the body's inflammation levels. Many rheumatoid arthritis sufferers and athletes have taken this particular supplement to help with joint pain from inflammation. It works great in combination with boswellia too!

4.) boswellia is created using the gum resin of the boswellia tree and is known for having powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Our boswellia uses BosPure®, a superior form of boswellia extract, to ensure maximum absorption!