Strange Symptoms… What Could It Be?

Numb burning sensation in your hands and feet, restless, irritable, GI upset, all due to low energy production within your cells. Sounds awful right? Well those are the textbook symptoms of pantothenic acid deficiency… pantoth..what? A fancy name for a B vitamin (B5 specifically). The vitamin that plays an important role in the chemical cycle to produce energy in your cells.

Pause, before you start to panic, it’s EXTREMELY rare to be deficient in this.


Loss of bladder control, intestinal bleeding, seizures? Those are some scary symptoms! In an extreme case of vitamin B12 deficiency those symptoms along with depression, memory loss, changes in mood, and difficulty walking may be noticed. However, this is only in a very extreme case. Since B12 is found in a lot of animal products, vegans especially and vegetarians could potentially have a mild case of a B12 deficiency, but nothing extreme!

Thiamine- sounds like a fancy word, must be important right? Yup! But really, it’s just another name for vitamin B1. It is important though! Without it you could develop a disease called beriberi. One form of the disease can affect the cardiovascular system and the other affects the nervous system. From shortness of breath to leg swelling and mental changes, trouble moving your legs, and numb extremities all in between. The good news is, since we have a lot of fortified foods such as fortified rice with thiamine, we don’t have to worry about developing something so crazy!


A bumpy tongue is normal, but what if it all the sudden appears smooth and shiny!? You may be lacking vitamin B6! Along with a shiny tongue, rashes in skin folds, mouth ulcers, intense fatigue, and generalized nerve pain may be symptoms as well. B6 deficiencies, as the other B vitamin deficiencies mentioned above, are extremely rare! Diseases that can lead to this deficiency include alcoholism and diabetes, but still very rare.

Thankfully, with the world we live in today and all the advances, we have fortified foods and a huge variety when it comes to diet. Therefore, becoming severely deficient in any vitamins is hard to do. View food as medicine, eat all the colorful fruits and vegetables and your body will be happy, thriving, and you’ll feel GOOD!