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The human body is roughly 60% water weight. For this reason, many of us can lose a few pounds by simply going to the bathroom or sweating it out at exercise class, but being the majority of our body weight, water is hugely important to our functioning as humans! So,  do you know exactly what water does in the body and what happens when you are dehydrated?

Let’s start with some of the many functions of water in the body:

What can water do for you?
*Regulate body temperature through mechanisms like sweating
*Protect body tissues
*Act as lubricant for joints and the spinal cord
*Help flush waste through kidneys and liver
*Assist with digestion (hello, spit!)


What can happen when you are dehydrated?
*Dry skin
*Thirst and dry mouth
*Lack of concentration

According to CBS Miami, up to 75% of Americans may suffer from chronic dehydration! That’s a lot, especially considering how many sources of hydration exist. For those of you who claim to not like water, there are other hydrating alternatives to plain water. Flavored water, sparkling water, coconut water, maple water and many fruits and vegetables can be great to help you achieve daily hydration goals! In fact, many athletes use a combination of plain water and coconut or maple water to mix things up when trying to replenish water lost through activity.

If you are one of the 75%, start with the simple goal to drink a full glass of water with your vitamins. Happy Hydrating!

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