ResveraGel™ – more resveratrol in your cells


Resveratrol is composed of two principal compounds: cis and trans. Only the trans compound has been associated with any real health benefits.

Also, the cis can cancel out the effects of trans.

Look for resveratrol supplements that have over 90% of the trans form.

Like our other Alternative Health Care products, ResveraGel™ is backed by an unconditional 90 day guarantee.


…because it shuttles more resveratrol into your cells.

The one simple reason why resveratrol has so many benefits throughout the body is because…

…of its effect on your genetic expression of the mitochondria within every one of your 30+ trillion cells in your entire body.

By positively effecting mitochondrial function, resveratrol is looked at for aiding certain cancers, heart and brain issues, the central nervous system, and other metabolic conditions related to (premature) aging.

This means better preventive health so you increase your odds of taking care of yourself and not losing your independence when you get into your twilight years.

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Relaxing with a Brain & Heart Trail Mix Meal
Complements Our ResveraGel™

Traffic jams. The coworker you want to strangle. The jelly roll that killed your diet…
It's not easy trying to be cool, calm and collective in a healthy way every day, but
zoning out – sitting quietly in peace – with a healthy trail mix meal complements our
ResveraGel™ just fine for additional preventive health for the best kind of healthy aging.


…along with a healthy trail mix meal and relaxing doing nothing.