Quell the Fires of Inflammation with The Queen of Anti-Inflammation



Our newest supplement to naturally quell the flames of inflammation is here! It is a Proprietary Formula from our leading edge experts. It is simply the BEST.

Nature's Edge® introduces its all natural super-antioxidant, super-anti-inflammatory supplement Quell-Gel™! We sourced the ingredients best known for having these properties from Mother Nature herself and strategically put them into one formula. The result is a synergistic combination of clinically tested plant and ocean derived ingredients with a high EPA/DHA (TG) ratio.

"Quell-Gel™ - the powerhouse supplement formulated to naturally quell the flames of inflammation."


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Nature's Edge® Quell-Gel™ Softgel Capsules

Boasting a synergistic combination of clinically tested plant and ocean-sourced ingredients with a high EPA/DHA ratio, this is a supplement that works wonders when it comes to quelling the flames of inflammation by supporting the body’s natural responses.

If you are tired of popping anti-inflammatory pills and struggling with your injury or simply waiting for your joint pain to get better, our dietary supplement is a safe and natural way to reclaim your good health and active lifestyle!


Vitamin D3 – A membrane antioxidant, helps you absorb calcium for building and keeping healthy bones

Curcuminoids Complex – Derived from the herb turmeric, it can decrease inflammation and neutralize damaging free radicals

Mixed Tocotrienols – A powerful part of the vitamin E family and a necessary substance for proper body and brain function

Gamma Linolenic Acid – Required to maintain a healthy balance of anti-inflammatory signaling molecules in the body

Potassium – An important electrolyte which regulates the flow of fluids and nutrients into and out of the body cells

Omega-3 Fish Oil – Promotes brain and heart health while supporting healthy cholesterol levels

Hydroxytyrosol – A Powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory compound

Astaxanthin – Proven to provide the brain and heart with super antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits

Organic Hemp seed oil - Provides a rich source of both omega-3 and omega-6 and their super anti-inflammatory properties.

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