As you know, inflammation is at the heart of nearly every one of today’s major health challenges—heart health being the biggest.

We are excited to introduce you to new levels of nutritional support that addresses nearly every angle of the inflammation and heart health challenge—promoting healthy inflammation and blood pressure, optimal endothelial function, and next-level antioxidant and anti-aging protection.

A comprehensive, proprietary formula combining the highest quality branded, proprietary, patented ingredients whose integrated benefits far exceed the sum of their parts.

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Every ingredient is “the star ingredient”—each one a stand-out in its “field”, hand-selected for purity, potency, and optimal bioavailability and bioefficiency.


But what makes Quell-Gel Softgels most exciting are the results of a recent 30-day, double-blind, placebo controlled, clinical trial


I’ll share the details of this research in just a moment, but first I’d like to introduce you to the cast of ingredients that make Quell-Gel Softgels so powerful.


It’s probably no surprise to learn that a supplement designed to dowse inflammation and promote heart health starts with curcumin.


Research shows that curcumin… 

  • Can help promote a healthy inflammatory response—promoting comfortable joints, cardiovascular health, and reducing the risk of many inflammatory health challenges

  • Supports healthy endothelial function—a key aspect of circulatory and overall cardiovascular health

  • Is a voracious free radical scavenger, slowing the effects of aging and reducing key markers of inflammation


But, as you may know, not all forms of curcumin were created equal. And bioavailability is one of curcumin’s most challenging hurdles.


Backed by eons of traditional medicinal use and combined with modern scientific biotechnology…


Cavacumin® Curcumin Complex has not only overcome the bioavailability problem, but it surpasses ordinary curcumin by up to 40X


Making it the most readily absorbed curcumin available today.


Its secret lies in a vegetable-based starch called cyclodextrin. Not only does cyclodextrin substantially boost bioavailability but, unlike piperine and other black pepper extracts used for enhanced bioavailability, cyclodextrin doesn’t come with any undesirable gastrointestinal side-effects.


AstaZine® Astaxanthin Oil is “the supplement you can feel”


Astaxanthin has recently gained widespread industry recognition as one of Nature’s most powerful antioxidant carotenoids.


With 800X more antioxidant power than CoQ10 and 6,000X more than Vitamin C, research shows that astaxanthin safely and naturally modulates inflammatory response throughout the body.[1]


But, more importantly, people taking a high-quality form as astaxanthin often report:[2]


►Less joint and muscle discomfort

►Increased strength, better workouts and faster recovery

►Improved immunity

►Better skin quality and appearance

►More energy and endurance

►Improved vision and overall brain function


From a cardiovascular perspective, it’s been shown to help improve circulation, promote healthy blood pressure, triglyceride and cholesterol levels—it also helps prevent LDL oxidation.[3]


All of these benefits are supported by scientific research.[4]


Because of increasing popularity, supply challenges have led to synthetically produced petrochemically-based astaxanthin. Which does have the astaxanthin molecule in it…but it doesn’t come with the synergistic array of naturally-occurring compounds you get from real astaxanthin. Plus, in head-to-head tests of antioxidant strength, natural astaxanthin consistently performs at least 20X better than synthetic forms.






That’s why we chose to use AstaZine®.


It’s derived from algae grown in crystal clear water, originating from the Himalayan Mountains, high in the Tibetan plateau, using a solvent-free carbon dioxide extraction process. Our supplier not only offers consistency, but they’re on track to be the world’s single-largest producer of high-quality, natural astaxanthin.


Which means supply will never be a problem for Quell-Gel Softgels.


More importantly, when your customers feel the difference AstaZine® can make, they’ll become your best advertisers!


Olive oil’s secret antioxidant weapon is 10X stronger than green tea


Unlike curcumin and astaxanthin, very few people are talking about hydroxytyrosol. But that’s likely to change in the very near future.


Hydroxytyrosol makes up about 50% of olive oil’s polyphenol content and it out-ranks the power of other antioxidant superstars, like CoQ10 and quercetin, by at least double.


It also helps boost levels of the top-dog of all antioxidants, glutathione. Healthy glutathione levels have been directly correlated with longer lifespan.


But the majority of hydroxytyrosol studies look at its effects on cardiovascular health.


Not only has hydroxytyrosol been shown to help boost HDL cholesterol while lowering LDLs and reducing LDL oxidation, but…


In 2017, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study evaluating the effects of hydroxytyrosol on a cohort of 1,851 men and women.[5][6]


  • Those who had consumed the most, had the lowest risk of cardiovascular events and mortality

  • Those in the top 3 quintiles had at least a 56% reduction in cardiovascular event risk

  • Those in the highest quintile, over the age of 65, averaged 9.5 years of longer life


But, to be included in Quell-Gel Softgels not just any old olive extract would do. To ensure potency, purity and consistency, we once again chose a patented, standardized, proprietary form of hydroxytyrosol called HTEssensce®.




PLUS the highest quality Omega-3s, Omega-6 and full-spectrum vitamin E produced today


Rounding out the Quell-Gel Softgels formulation, we’ve included 1,700 mg of Epax® Fish Oil Concentrate in the most absorbable triglyceride form.


Yielding 1,350 mg of total omega-3s in an EPA to DHA ration of 5:1, we chose Epax® for its superior six-step purification process and its elevated EPA levels for enhanced anti-inflammatory properties.


Epax® also has Friends of the Sea certification meaning that all of the fish used to extract their oils are from sustainable sources.


We’ve also included EVNol™ mixed tocotrienols. Derived from non-GMO, sustainably produced palm fruit, you’ll see all four of the most important naturally occurring forms of vitamin E (alpha-, beta-, delta- and gamma-tocotrienol) along with the palm fruit’s naturally occurring phytonutrients squalene, phytosterols, CoQ10, mixed tocopherols (another form of vitamin E), and mixed carotenes. 


Naturally occurring tocotrienols are not only powerful antioxidants in their own right, but they have been shown to help support healthy cholesterol levels.[7]


EVNol™ is patented and bioenhanced for optimal absorption that’s up to 300% better than ordinary tocotrienol extracts.


And, lastly, we’ve included Sonova®-400 Gamma linolenic acid. Made from safflower oil and guaranteed free of the eight most common food allergens and gluten—Sonova® has one of the highest concentrations of GLA per gram (40%) compared to other sources (which range from 10% - 20%).


Human clinical study proves that Quell-Gel Softgels are the perfect

addition to anyone’s cardio-protective anti-inflammatory protocol


The esteemed Biomedical Research Institute, located just outside of Washington, DC, enrolled 80 adults with mild hypertension and split them into two equal groups—one received Quell-Gel Softgels and the other received an identical-looking placebo softgel, every day for four weeks.


At the end of the study:

  •   Systolic blood pressure dropped substantially

  •   CRP, an important biomarker of inflammation, dropped by 16%

  •   Flow mediated dilation (FMD), a measure of endothelial function, increased by 15% 

  •   Blunted the increase of the inflammation marker interleukin 6 (IL-6)


And levels of the anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acid, EPA, increased by 82%! All these benefits after just four weeks of supplementation!


We are truly excited about these results and feel confident that, with continued use, the benefits of Quell-Gel Softgels would only continue improving overall cardiovascular health.


And we are happy to share the details of this study ▼