Derma Q-Gel Cream with Ubiquinol Active CoQ10


Derma Q-Gel Cream with Ubiquinol Active CoQ10

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Derma Q-Gel is the most effective anti-wrinkle, skin energizing formula

  • Now, you can promote healthy, vital, younger looking skin with absolutely no harsh exfoliants or pee

  • Now improved with dual peptide complexes and retinyl palmitate

  • Paraben free

  • The only cream with reduced CoQ10 Ubiquinol

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After years of intensive research and considerable development costs a truly revolutionary anti-wrinkle, skin energizing formula is finally here. Its name is Derma Q-Gel and it will forever change the way you fight ALL the signs of aging skin. A major stumbling block to creating a truly effective anti-aging formula has always been the poor dissolution of the ingredients. Vitamins, supplements, herbs and herbal extracts that are hydrosoluble provide maximum dissolution to ensure enhanced absorption and bioavailability. Derma Q-Gels secret to success is the fact that it contains hydrosoluble CoQ10 and contains up to 5 times greater concentration of CoQ10 than any other skin care cream.



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